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Things to Know About T-Shirt Design for Better Custom Prints


Who does not love a good t-shirt design? You even wear it over and over again if this comes from an impressive designer. Oversize Printing in Seattle, Washington can make way for your project to come true. You must take note to consider minimalist to avoid mistakes in printing.

Knowing the basics of t-shirt designs is necessary for a good product. You must plan out and get feedback from your peers to start. A Printing Service in Washington may provide suggestions on how you can do it. Here are the suggestions:

  • Set a modest printing size

    Size does matter when it comes to design. You should not make the graphic too small or too big as it affects the process. It must follow a standard size for better results.

  • Get the right placement

    The print placement should be within the area as suggested by the experts. Your unique print may lose its purpose when it is not in the right location. Custom Printing can be your go-to service for your shirts.

  • Focus on fonts and typography

    Typography is the visual arrangement of words. The font is the style of writing the text. You benefit from the right choice of these elements. Offset Printing may also get an enhanced look if you have similar projects.

Digital Printing being offered by ZEBRA PRINTANDCOPY.COM may remove the hassle in your t-shirt printing project. Feel free to send us a message.

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