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Is Digital Printing Right for Your Next Print Project?

 Is Digital Printing Right for Your Next Print Project?

For information to get across more effectively, you need the right packaging. And in the case of your next printing project, the appropriate printing method and material.

A top-of-the-mind option is digital printing. This is a method of production where digital-based images are directly printed using ink onto the surface of different materials such as paper, photo paper, canvas, fabric, synthetics, etc., instead of using printing plates.

As a printing service in Washington, however, we know that the convenience that digital printing brings is not always the better choice.

For instance, if you need oversize printing in Seattle, Washington that requires large runs of between 250-500, getting them digitally printed will be costlier, slower, and more energy-intensive.

Conversely, if you are looking to print copies of labels, stamps, flyers, and graphic overlays, of less than 250, digital printing makes more sense. It is cheaper and cuts the turnaround time in half. Another advantage of digital printing is what is called variable data capability or its ease of printing out unique names, codes, and labels for each material.

So, what makes digital printing the right choice for your next printing project? Two conditions—small runs, low-to-medium volume projects, and customizability.

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