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Top Tips on How to Create a Logo for Your Brand

Creating a logo is no easy feat and is an integral part of your business. It shows the overall vibe and reason for your brand. It needs to stand out, look good digitally and printed (in any size), be timeless, unique, and depict your brand’s personality.

Make your logo clean and easy to read even from afar. Make use of blank space so that it is easier to incorporate into other formats and designs, including your marketing collateral. Imagine if your logo looks good on business cards, uniforms, huge banners, and others.

Choose a good color that represents your brand. For example, if you are trying to show the feeling of calmness for your spa business, you can use monochromatic colors. You can use various shades of pink or green to make contrasts in your logo while still looking very calm. You can also use a pop of color to create visual salience.

You can also be literal with your logo. Do not be afraid to be obvious. Sometimes, you don’t have to think much. Even big companies like Apple have an apple for their logo. Make sure it fits your brand’s vibe.

You may also consider hiring a graphic designer to help you.

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