Designing Oversized Banners

Tips for Designing Oversized Banners for Your Business


When designing large-scale printouts, graphic design rules change. Unlike working on a smaller canvas,oversized prints like banners take up a larger space and can be more challenging to work with. From factors like resolution and print quality, it’s important to think about your design and how your content is presented.

Here, we will share design tips for oversize printing in Seattle, Washington:
  • Work To Scale
    Your large banner could be massive once it’s finished, and it can be unwieldy to work on its design with a 13 or even 15-inch screen. To make it easier, consider scaling down your image to anywhere from 1/4 to 1/6 of its size. Doing so will make it more efficient and manageable to work on a computer.
  • Choose Pantone Colors
    Digital printing is more flexible and can provide more color options. Choosing the right color for your banner can be challenging, however, as the color displayed on your screen may not be as accurate. This can be solved by selecting Pantone colors which are universally recognized among prints and design programs.
  • Find the Right Font
    As with any printouts, it’s important to choose the right font. Even with a larger print, some fonts are difficult to read, especially from a certain distance. Fonts with delicate and sophisticated features may appear blurry when transferred from a smaller image to a larger one. It’s best to go with a simple font that’s easily scalable and readable regardless of size.
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