Our labels can be used for all types of harsh environments including drum labeling, outdoors, water bottles and lots more applications where waterproof and weatherproof properties are required.

White Weatherproof labels – Waterproof Labels for laser printing only. Weatherproof labels – waterproof labels a 60 lb. bright white face sheet with a 50 lb. liner made from a vinyl material. Our LP material.

It is an excellent choice for outdoor applications or applications where durability is required. The adhesive is a high quality acrylic permanent adhesive. Excellent printing results with most types of laser printers. Do not use with inkjet printers. Use for Drums, chemicals, medical, laboratory and most harsh environments.

White Weatherproof (Inkjet Only) – Our white weatherproof label sheet for inkjet printing is 50lb. Our WJ material. bright white vinyl face sheet with a 50 lb. liner. The material is waterproof and the ink from a standard inkjet printer will encapsulate upon printing. Once the sheet has been printed it will not smear when touched with a wet hand or soaked in water. The adhesive is a high quality permanent adhesive. Excellent results with most types of inket printers.

  • Perfect for addressing, priority messages, warning labels and more
  • Durable, water-resistant labels provide strong protection against harsh elements
  • TrueBlock® Technology completely covers everything underneath, so you can reuse boxes, mailing tubes, envelopes and more
  • Jam free and smudge free, guaranteed