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Digital Archiving

Bring in your documents, drawings, and photos, and we can save it as a digital file for you. This is a great way to create digital reproductions. Some color enhancement may be necessary for the reproduction device to get optimum output results. Our team is skilled and has years of experience to assist in getting that project looking its best.


It seems like a sin for a printer to say, “Go Green,” but we at Zebra believe in the technology that helps make business more productive as well as clean and organized. Bring in your documents and we can save them and archive them into a format that allows you to retrieve them easily. From bookkeeping, those documents that you can’t legally toss for 7 to 11 years, let us save you some space. You can store entire file cabinets on a CD or DVD!


Have you ever lost a document on your computer, but you have the hard copy? Well, save yourself some time recreating it completely, we can scan it in and the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on our machines can turn the document into a digital file that you can edit.

At Zebra we will accept all file types and send you proofs to keep you updated.

We offer same-day pick up and delivery in the downtown Seattle area.* Contact us if you have any questions.

*Some restrictions apply. Ask our representatives for more details.